Get George Lamb off 6 Music?

An awful lot seems to be being said about this daytime show on BBC 6 Music.  It has spawned a Facebook group (“Get George Lamb off 6 Music!”) and a petition web site (

Lamb was brought into 6 Music last year to take over Gideon Coe’s 10 am slot while Coe moved to a 10 pm show.  So what’s the problem?  Why the backlash?

The man’s an absolute idiot that’s why!  He knows nothing about music and obviously does no research.  He has changed the morning show into sub-Moyles, laddish banter.  It’s not just unfunny and entirely inappropriate for a station with a supposed serious interest in music, but it’s totally unoriginal.  Appropriating the Chuck Norris facts website and milking it as if it had anything to do with him shows how lacking in original thought this loudmouthed fool is.  And why put a dictionary of his own ‘lingo’ on the 6 Music website?  Who’s never heard of the word “clobber” for clothes, “fresh” for new or the phrase “having a bad one”.  He has no shame at all in his quest for some shtick to help with this, as it obviously is to him, stepping stone in his career.

Who do we have to thank for this?  Lesley Douglas.  She claims Lamb is part of a drive to attract more women to the station.  An extract from Lamby’s Lingo – “Did you chirpse that boss-eyed bird last night?” – seems to bring this into question.  But what would I know?

For me the most abhorrent stench from this unflushable stool came today.  I had his show on again like someone who repeatedly sticks their finger in a plug socket.  He was talking about Apocalypse Now and one of the thicket of cronies he surrounds himself with started talking about the book, “Heart of Darkness” on which it is based.  The guy said the book was set in Africa somewhere, seemingly embarrassed by the unwelcome, uncool intellectual implications of revealing this knowledge.  Immediately Lamb set upon him jeering that a film about the Vietnam War could not be based on a book about Africa.  Another crony then corroborated the first’s statement adding that the book was set in the Congo.

Did Lamb graciously acknowledge his mistake?  Did he take on board this new information and perhaps encourage more talk for the benefit of the listener?

No, he took the opportunity to demonstrate his own area of expertise as he recited, alone, the entire song from the ‘Um Bongo’ commercial.


7 Responses to “Get George Lamb off 6 Music?”

  1. Matt Says:

    agree.. this lame excuse for a DJ needs to go!

  2. David Says:

    Get this idiot Radio6

  3. David Says:

    Get this idiot *off* Radio6.

    And yes I’m aware of the irony of my miss-typeing

  4. Sam Says:

    This man was brought into 6Music to get more listeners. Oops. Looks like most are switching off at 09:59 and, if they’re like me, forgetting to return at all.

    As for getting more female listeners, I’m a bloke and can’t bear his laddishness, surely the fairer sex will hate it more? Oh did I just make a generalisation about the sexes? I think that’s known as doing a ‘Leslie Douglas’, these days….

  5. gigill Says:

    Hey there – this is Gillian here from, the new sharp and smart pop culture website for women. There is an article on the site about Lesley Douglas’s comments here:

    If you’d like to add to the discussion please do sign up for the site and have a look around while you’re at it.


    Gillian x

  6. Ash Vincent Says:

    I like him. I listen far more now than I used to. I like that he plays some dancehall on a regular basis since this section of music is far too neglected on British radio.

    But ultimately I like the fact he has a sense of humour, this is desperately required by those of us who have to be at work in the mornings and have a long day left ahead of us.

  7. Jonny Says:

    They receive thousands of texts EVERY DAY voicing discontent for this show. The BBC is a license fee service and so they should listen to the audience. It is one of its key values and yet we are being ignored.

    Every presenter is going to get hate mail. Moyles for example is hated by many but generally the 17 million tuning in speaks for itself.
    Plus Moyles makes good radio that includes the listener and does have some imaginative features. With Lamb you feel like they are all just laughing at each others crap jokes – you may as well not be there.
    Then again Moyles has been dedicated to radio for 15 years, Lamb hasn’t.

    I’ve met Lamb and he’s a nice bloke,its the producer who has a lot to answer for because he is responsible for the feel of the show and the fact it is complete nonsense.

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